Why I Believe What I Believe

It has been a slow week in politics, so I’m going to take this time to answer a question from the class message board on ANGEL that was posted by one of our classmates. That question was: “At 21, I wanted to change the world. So I am a little surprised at the number of young political conservatives among my classmates. Exactly what are you trying so hard to conserve?”

I’m a 27 year old political conservative because I have a strong belief in self-determination. While there are social services that are important for people to survive (i.e. welfare, civil rights), people need to be more self sufficient. Services like welfare are meant to be there for emergencies, not as a support system for long term survival. If you can’t afford to deal with a hurricane, don’t live near the coast. If you can’t afford to rebuild after an earthquake, don’t live in California. It should not be the responsibility of the nation to fix problems for people who are too stupid/lazy to fix themselves.
I always hear from the left about the so-called hypocrisy of the right in that they support guns and capitol punishment but not abortion. I see no hypocrisy because I support the protection of innocent life. I support gun rights because I want the ability to protect myself and my family from anyone who would do us harm. As the old adage goes, “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.”
There is a major difference between capitol punishment and abortion. The death penalty is used against people that have been convicted of serious crimes and the penalty should provide a deterrent to others who would also commit those crimes. People know the consequences of their actions and suffer the ramifications. Abortion is the act of taking an innocent life who’s only crime is being unwanted. I’m not one to ban it outright because there are medical reasons to have them, but “a woman’s right to choose” is only a choice for murder. It’s akin to saying that I have a right to kill someone because they would cause me economic hardship. There needs to be something in place to prevent abortions from being performed as birth control.
I’m a conservative because I believe in a strong military. I don’t want the U.S. to police the world, but who is the first country they come to when they need a cop? I don’t believe in discrimination, but minorities should not get a free pass either. Again… self determination. I’m fine with gays getting the legal rights they deserve in Civil Unions… but don’t call it marriage. Marriage is a religious institution that is between a man and a woman. Call it a matter of semantics. And believe it or not, this nation was founded as a christian nation. There is no law stating a separation of church and state… there is only a statement of no official state religion.
Finally, I’ll paraphrase the creators of South Park when they were asked about their right-wing views. They said that they grew up in liberal families in a liberal town in Colorado, then they moved to liberal California. They were looking for a way to rebel and the only way to do that was to become conservative. I just find more sense on the right side of the aisle.
And I hate Keith Obermann!


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