2007 NFL Draft

I like what the Steelers have done on day #1 so far by getting Lawrence Timmons and LaMar Woodley (3rd Rd yet pick to come), but I think that the best draft so far has got to be Detroit. They got Calvin Johnson and Drew Stanton while trading away the dead weight of Josh McCown and Mike Williams.

Also, Minnesota having Adrian Peterson fall into their laps at number 7 was a nice pick.

Really, what are the Eagles thinking?! Granted, the team doesn’t have many holes to fill, but Kevin Kolb? Taking a WR like Dwayne Jarrett would have been a better choice for a team that lost Stallworth and lacks a true #1.

Miami reached for Ted Ginn Jr big time. That pick could come back to haunt them.

Mark my words that the Browns Brady Quinn will be another huge bust for them… just like Tim Couch. I look forward to the Steelers beating the hell out of him for the next 4 years, until they run him out of town!


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One thought on “2007 NFL Draft”

  1. johanna says:

    Ahh…you linked me. Sweet.I have to admit, I've never understood why people watch the NFL drafts, but it's a lotta fun to watch them get drunk and groan and moan and occasionally throw things at the sports bar tv.

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