Congressional Asses

Picture this: It’s April 2008 in Iraq. You are in the middle of a fierce battle, one which holds your life in the balance. You return the incoming fire. You’ve been well trained for this moment. You’ve taken all precautions and have the best support structure backing you in the entire history of the world. You fire and fire until you run out of ammo. You reach for a reload… and there is nothing there.

That’s because the United States Congress has become the new commander in the War on Terror. If they get their way, the funding for the war will be cut and the troops will be starved out of Iraq. Senators Reid and Feingold are pushing for a bill that will cut off the funding for the troops in an effort to end the war by making it impossible to fight it.

Vice President Cheney said on

“The fact is that the United States military answers to one commander-in-chief in the White House, not 535 commanders-in-chief on Capitol Hill. We expect the House and the Senate to meet the needs of our military on time, in full, and with no strings attached.”

Cheney also added,

“When members of Congress speak not of victory but of time limits, deadlines or other arbitrary measures, they’re telling the enemy to simply watch the clock and wait us out.”

And now two personal messages:

Democrats – give me ONE idea, ONE plan on how to win the war, not give up on it! Do something other than obstruct. From your point of view, if something is hard to do it’s not worth doing. Must the troops fight you as well as the enemy?

Terrorists – please just wait until March 31st 2008. You’ll have free reign of the country then. You’ll be able to install your own religious leaders and set up all the training bases you want. You have convinced the Democratic congress that this war is not worth fighting so just sit tight and we’ll be out of your way soon.


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