Orientation: A Waking Sleep

Today I had my orientation at 1515 Broadway, MTV Studios. So, I woke up at 7AM. I left Evan’s apartment at 8:15 and we were on our way. Traffic was an absolute nightmare. I followed Evan all the way to the Park & Ride near the Lincoln Tunnel. It is difficult to follow someone through 3-4 lanes of heavy rush hour traffic, but I’m like a bloodhound.

With all the traffic and the bus being 10 minutes late, I would be late to my orientation. Combine that with incorrect advice from the security staff, I was a totally of 30 minutes late… but it was OK. It seems all I missed was introductions and a stupid drawing activity.

I sat through a lecture about all of the policies and procedures that Viacom uses, as well as filled out forms! Nothing better than corporate forms!

Once that was done at noon, I had to head over to VH1 Studios (1633 Broadway) to get my security badge. Getting through that building’s security and finding where I needed to go was tricky. It seems that the people who told me where to go didn’t actually tell me where to go. Everything I did, it seemed that I either was in the wrong place or had the wrong information. Finally, I got where I needed to go and now I possess the power to freely move in all of the MTV/VH1 buildings!

With ID in hand, I called my supervisor. I hadn’t actually met him yet, and seeing as how I was in the building, I headed down to the sixth floor to introduce myself. I got the 10 minute tour and learned a little about what I’m going to be doing, starting next week.

Now, it was time to head home. I hit up a McDonalds to get a bite to eat. I know, I know. So many places to eat in the city and I choose McDonalds… it was quick, easy and on the way. I took the bus back to my car and drove it home, still unsure if I was going the right way. This is where you find me now.

Tonight, I’m going to go out to the bar where Evan’s roommate, Art, DJ’s karaoke. I will be trying to work with him and then, hopefully, I will take over when he leaves in a month. At the very least, I will be doing some boozin’… but just a little bit, because it’s so pricey up here.

I think I’m going to take a nap!

P.S.: The traffic SUCKS!

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