Day One of Fun

Ahh, a miserable rainy day at 1633 Broadway… the Paramount Building. Well, today I started my internship and boy oh boy was it… normal. Seeing as how they haven’t had an intern in over a month, I have a month’s worth of archiving to catch up on.

On a daily basis, the VH1 department puts out news stories, anywhere between 10-20 a day. I need to take those stories and copy them to the individual band folders on a computer database. That way, if they want to know if a story has been done about a band before, they can just look it up and find out when and what was said. This is a tedious task, and it will take me all of this week to get things caught up.

The one interesting thing that I got to do was find facts about 20 bands that get sent out nationwide. They are little tidbits of information about the top 10 artists on the Classic Rock and Hot AC (Adult Contemporary) charts. Music trivia is something I’m good at, so this was a fun, easy task.

So, lunchtime rolls around, and since it was pouring rain, I just went across the street to a McDonalds. There, I was befriended by a drunken, possibly homeless guy. All I know is this black man just sits down across from me and goes on and on about how he is a rapper and, once seeing my Steelers shirt, talked about how much he loves the Cowboys. Imagine, if you will, someone just slugging down a beer inside of a Mickey D’s… it’s a priceless image. I would have taken a picture of him, but the flash would have just gotten him all riled up!

Not bad for my first full day of work in NYC. Well, tomorrow is another day… day 2 in fact.

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