Happiness is a Warm Gun

I took my last exam ever today, a fun little comprehensive math test at 8AM. I took a nap this afternoon to celebrate. This brings me to my point: Why am I not really happy?

I should be elated that I’m finally done with college. I should be out getting shit-faced with friends celebrating. I should be doing something. Instead, I’m sitting here. I know that tomorrow I’m going out to the bar to watch a ton of sporting events (Pitt v. Duke, Pens v. Bruins, Steelers v. Rams) so I’m going to have some fun at some point in the near future, but I’m kinda in a funk and even the wonderful news that I’m finally done with college isn’t bringing me out if it… if anything, it’s balancing things out and making me feel normal (which isn’t a terrible thing).
My love life is kinda in the pits right now, and until I can move out and find my own place, I don’t really see it getting much better (as if just moving out would be some type of cure all – but then again, every little bit helps). My eye is ever watchful (forgive me, I’ve been watching Lord of the Rings with the rents) and I do have an interest, but nothing is going to happen in the foreseeable future, if at all.
My fantasy football team took me to the semi-finals as the 1st overall seed, riding a 7-game winning streak… only to lose and miss out on any real prize money (I do win $10 for winning my division). Had I won, I would have been guaranteed $40 and could have had $180. This means not only do i miss out on the cash, but I’m going to get a shitty draft pick next year. To quote R.J. Fletcher in the movie UHF, “This is a sad day for Channel 8.”

My beloved Steelers have shit the bed two weeks in a row, making times unpleasant. After the Pats game, I’ve given up most of my hope for going far this season. There are major issues that the team will need to address this off season and it all begins with the o-line. I… I don’t want to talk about this team right now, as it makes me sad.

My Penguins are mediocre at best this year, and with “The Flower” out of the net with an injury, this team is on the fast track to nowhere. The division race is tight, but the Pens haven’t put together a full 60 minutes of hockey yet. I’m still waiting for this team to rise.
My Pirates are… HAHAHAHA – Thank god they are not in season…
I know things are going to get better for me, it’s just a matter of patience. My friend Virg is coming into town for Christmas with his wife to visit their family, so I’ll get to hang with him. I’ve supposedly got another party to go to on Christmas night, so that’s good. My New Years is looking kinda shitty right now, but hopefully something will pop up or someone will join me at the bar to make it more fun. Anything will be better than the New Years I worked at the bar and had to take the trash out while the ball dropped… what a shitty day!

I guess I relate back to Lord of the Rings when I look at my college career. I bore this heavy burden for a long time and lost my mind in the process. There were many tests, trials and tribulations. I made friends and joined a Fellowship (TEP). Now, with my final exam finished, I need only accept my diploma to take all that burden and cast it into the fires of Mt. Nittany. And I didn’t even lose a finger in the process… Frodo, you pussy!
Anyway, maybe it’s all this stuff that is kinda depressing right now or it could be just that it’s the dead of winter, but I need a change or something new. I guess I’ll just continue to muddle through as best I can, hoping the sun really does shine on a dog’s ass some days…
“Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.” – Jim Morrison


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