Allegheny County's 10% Drink Tax

Here is a link to an article from the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette about the new 10% drink tax in Allegheny County.

For you guys who don’t live in Pittsburgh, this is the crazy shit that has been going on. Months of arguing led up to the implementation on Jan. 1st of a 10% drink tax to pay for public transportation in the City of Pittsburgh, a system that few actually use and costs only $1 to ride and you don’t have to pay for parking. Many have taken to calling it a “poor tax” that effects the working class. The options on the table are to have the tax, raise property taxes (which haven’t gone up in 4 years), to use state gambling revenue (which the state doesn’t want them to use) or lay off about 800 government workers (which I suspect are redundant anyway). In my mind, raising the fares for riding the bus and charging for parking are the best options.

Basically, for me, it comes down to this: When I go out drinking, I buy all of my beers and then buy one full beer for the county, because the democrats in charge (Pittsburgh votes democrat 5-1) have mismanaged the city’s finances poorly over the last 70 years. Nobody who has to ride the bus does so to go shopping downtown, so it’s not going to be an economic boost to the city. What it is doing is taking money away from working people, like customers, bartenders and servers.

My favorite part is how most bars in the county have placed signs up with the pictures of the elected officials who voted for the tax and have barred them from receiving service. Hopefully, people will remember this when the next election comes and vote these scumbags out of office. As Al Bundy once said: “Read my lips… Don’t tax beer!”


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