Job Hunt

I’ve been applying to jobs over the past couple of days. I’ve got my buddy Evan helping me out by sending out my resume to local radio stations, with his seal of approval, but I’ve also been applying to other cities. I’ve applied to a radio station out in Wilmington, Delaware and a company just north of Philly. I haven’t heard back from them, but it’s still pretty early.

I’d love to get out to Philly, not because I love the town, but because there seems to be nothing here for me anymore. I need people, friends that I know, and Pittsburgh can’t offer that. Other that my best friend Ceese, there is nothing here for me but the Steelers and Iron City Beer (tempting as that might be, it’s just not enough).

I’ll keep you updated on my job hunt and if all goes well, you’ll get good news from me soon!

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