We Don't Need No Civil War

As I’m sure that you can tell, I haven’t had much to write about lately. This hasn’t changed. I’m making some progress on the job hunt, but until things are for certain, I’m not going to dwell or get my hopes up. I’ve been out doing fun things for the past few weeks, but I seem to have hit a lull in those things. I’m quite bored once again and all of my friends are just way too busy!

So, I’ve been taking the time to do some prep work for the GFFL (the fantasy football league I run). It’s been a nice distraction.

I’m hoping to make it up to State College this coming weekend for my fraternity’s annual event, Civil War. That should be a good time and I’m sure I will have stories to share about that. I guess, until then, you’ll just have to settle for this very minor update… just so you know that I am alive and well and still thinking about things to post here.


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