Three Worlds Combined

I got tired of running three different blogs (my own personal blog, one from school dealing with politics and the blog devoted to providing information about the GFFL) so I decided to combine them into one blog.  I’m now using WordPress instead of Blogger, as it’s got a better look and seems not only more advanced, but easier to use with more growth potential.  I have been able to load this WordPress software onto my webhost (the same place where the GFFL Homepage is hosted) allowing me to take ownership of the blog as well as use my own domain name.

Basically, since this blog is a combined version of the three previous blogs that I ran, I will provide all the usual information about the GFFL that I normally do, but I’ll also use this space to provide updates and insights about my life as well as things that interest me and come from my point of view.  That could mean sports, politics or anything else I feel like sharing.

For more information, please view the pages located on the above tab bar.  Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading.

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