Nobody Doin' Nuthin'

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this post.  The police are there to do a job, they are not “out to get you.”  However, when you throw shit at them… they will be out to get you.  The fire hydrant is not your personal swimming pool.  It is not John Q. Taxpayer’s responsibility to provide you with free water.  It is the taxpayer’s responsibility to keep your drug den house from burning down.  Did I say that out loud? 🙂

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Ain’t Nobody…

Did you guys hear about the fire hydrant incident in East Hills during which some kids opened a fire hydrant, watched it get closed up by security and police, reopened it, watched security, police, and the water company try to close it again, then started throwing stuff at the police resulting in pepper spray and tasing?

Witnesses told Channel 4 Action News that the situation escalated when the kids and the guards began arguing. Investigators said people began throwing rocks and someone assaulted a security guard.

Police were called to the scene as the security guards and a couple of teenagers continued to exchange words. Security guards sprayed the crowd with pepper spray, police said.

“I had tossed water on him and he grabbed my arm,” said Nadon Estes.

He tossed water on the security guard?  And he’s upset his arm got grabbed?

More and more these days, I’m thinking we need a course in the public school system called “DO WHAT THE DAMN COPS TELL YOU TO DO OR GET WHAT’S COMING TO YOU!”

Cops close the hydrant, you leave.

Cops tell you to leave the hydrant closed, you do it.

You choose to reopen it.  You choose to throw water and bricks and punches.  You get what’s coming to you.  This is 2+2 basic, so forgive me for being confused as to why people get all bent out of shape when this entire incident would have been avoided had the crowd done what they were told to do.

“It’s scary because we got the cops to protect us and they’re against us,” said Chemere Estes, a witness. “Ain’t nobody going to swing and punch at no police. We’re not stupid. They try and make it out like we’re animals. Ain’t nobody doing anything.”

You know, I can’t take you seriously when you don’t have a basic grasp of grammar.  But besides that:

The guards then identified the juvenile, who allegedly resisted arrest and was egged on by the crowd. Some in the crowd jumped on officers’ backs, kicking and punching them during the scuffle, Chief Donaldson said.

Yeah, ain’t nobody doing anything.


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