Happy 3rd Birthday!

A State Of The Blog Address

August 1st, 2005 is the first post located here, three years ago today.  The earliest posts deal with the Global Fantasy Football League, as I was posting about the happenings in the league.  I had been doing this to a lesser extent all the way back to 2004, but that August 1st post is the earliest one to survive.  I’ve been pleased to be able to share things of interest with you, my loyal readers, for the past three years and I hope to continue to do so far into the future!

The current state of this blog is strong.  I have more readers now then ever before.  The combination of the GFFL News & Notes Archive, The Mad Ramblings of a Madman and The Monocle has been a success.  It’s easier for me to run one blog instead of three, as well as easier for you as everything is in a central location.  The move to hosting it myself under my own domain name has also been a nice change, as now I’m not beholden to Google (who recently has taken to shutting down blogs that povide viewpoints counter to their liberal viewpoints).

With the 2008 Presidental Election fast approaching as well as the NFL and GFFL season’s starting, there is no shortage of things to cover.  Keep your eyes glued here as well as comment on posts so you can become a part of what is to come!

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