Sorry Guys

Well, I guess I’m not as “back” as I claimed to be.  I’ve been working the night shift and sleeping during the days, so it’s been tought to get the motavation to update this blog.  I fully intend to give this some tender loving care, but I’m not sure when… hopefully soon!  The job and the girlfriend have kept me pretty busy, but those are both wonderful problems to have.  I still have work to do on the GFFL website and that is still my first priority.  I had tons of readers on this blog before the move, but I’ve basically lost them all.  Oh well.  Now that I don’t have time to sit around and share articles that I read with everyone, this blog will be more focused on the league.  I have to go back and update the links to all the videos that I posted, as I lost pictures and such with the move.  I hope to have things up and running everntually!

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