All In A Day's Work

Well, work today was a long, sordid affair.

For those that don’t know, I’m working in a factory that makes windshields.  Currently, I’m in training on a job called “Matching.”  You see, in between the two panes of glass in a windshield is a piece of vinyl.  This vinyl and glass will pressurized and heated so that it appears clear, and keeps the glass from shattering if/when it’s struck by an object (rock, deer, midget).  The windshield will crack, but remain in one piece, not removing your eyeball in the process.

As a Matcher, the two panes of glass (one resting on top the other) arrive on a conveyor belt into a cold room (so that the vinyl remains in a steady state) where a suction cup robot lifts the top pane off.  At this point, myself and another person pull a sheet of vinyl and place it on the lower pane of glass to specifications.  We then lower the top pane of glass onto the vinyl and inspect it for defects.

It’s not a terribly exciting job, but it’s damn easy.

Anyway, instead of training on this today, I was sent to do many different random jobs.  First, I helped load the bending irons into the Lehr (the metal on which the glass gets its curve from into a giant oven.)  After that, I was sent down to be a Scraper (the job I was already trained on, the one where you trim excess vinyl off of completed windshields).  I did this for about 2 hours.

I then get called back upstairs for help, because a conveyor was broken.  I had to manually carry hot glass over the 6 feet of broken conveyor, burning my fingers in the process.  Once that was finished, I was sent back down to scrape again until the day was finished.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent job.  Everything is pretty easy and the pay is decent (at least it will be in the future).  I’m still keeping my eyes open for something in my field, but in the meantime, things could be a lot worse.

I’m so glad that I only have one more day until the weekend… a 3-day weekend!  I have a buddy coming into town and I’m hoping to do something for the Penn State season opener.  Hopefully, at the very least, I can relax and recoup, because I’m completely worn out.


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