PC Holiday Tree

Once again, it’s that time of year.  The time where people, especially those on the left, take pot shots at Christmas in the name of policital correctness, a branch of secular religion.  I’ve been hearing the term “Holiday Tree” more often then every before.  There is no such thing as a holiday tree.  It’s not even a case that the tree is a part of many different faiths where a general term like ‘Happy Holidays” is applicable.  The Christmas Tree is what it is, a part of the Christian celebration of Christmas.

Is a Jewish Menora actually a “Holiday Candelabra?”  Is Mecca merely a holiday tourist destination?  Calling a Christmas Tree a Holiday Tree is not only ignornat and foolish, but insulting to our intellegence.  This is a foundation of our culture and it is not WE that should change.  The majority is not in the wrong here.

If you decide to use the term “Holiday Tree,” I pity you becaue frankly, you are a fuckin’ retard.  Good grief…


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