87 > 7

Woah!  No that’s not mathematical (actually it is, but I digress), it is a statement of fact in the eyes of many these days in the Pittsburgh area.  While it is true that the number 87 is greater than the number 7, it’s also hard not to argue the same for the people those numbers represent.

Sidney Crosby vs. Ben Roethlisberger

It’s hard not to argue for Crosby here.  His is a Stanley Cup Champion and Gold Medal Olympian.   He was groomed since a very young age to be the face of the NHL. He is polite and a true leader, usually putting others first.  Women love his clean-cut image.  He’s kind to grandmothers and puppies, looks both ways before crossing the street and probably smells like an Irish spring.

Ben, on the other hand, is a scruffy 2-time Super Bowl winner.  He is known as kind of a jackass (Dan Marino was viewed the same way) and as premadonna who knows he’s awesome.  While a great leader on the field, off the field issues abound.  He’s many years older than Crosby, but seems to show a lack of maturity that most people Crosby’s age possess.  He’s a winner who seemingly thinks he is incapable of losing.

Now, it seems to me that there is a big difference in how Big Ben is viewed depending on gender biases.  Women look at Ben and see a sexual predator who treats women like objects, using his size and status to coerce and abuse intoxicated women.  Men look at the same person and see a victim of repeated allegations that only play off of eroded credibility, not proof.  New allegations sprout after the woman thinks, “Hey, people will believe me over this scumbag, so I’m going to say he groped me too!”

Personally, I say let the facts be the facts and the speculation remain such.  Ben likes to get drunk and pick up women.  Some women (underage ones at that) were given alcohol.  Later, allegations were made. Not enough proof was found to back up the claims of the alleged victims to proceed to trial.

Nobody but Ben and the alleged victims really know what happened.  Of course, the trial of public opinion continues.  I simply ask this:  If it was you or your brother who was accused of such crimes, wouldn’t you want others not to rush and judge you?

I will still rock my #7 Steelers jersey because I’m able to separate the football player from the person.  Big Ben is a superb leader on the field for my favorite team and I’ll support him as such.  Also, let’s not compare him to Crosby.  NOBODY is quite like Crosby, so the comparison is unfair.

By the way: Santonio, don’t let the door hit you on your… you know… on the way out!

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