Awake Too Early

Well, it’s another 7-day work week for me.  *sigh*  I wish this wasn’t the case.  It took the Easter holiday for me to get 2 consecutive days off.  It’s too bad holidays don’t come more often.  Currently, it’s 4:30 AM and I’m sipping my coffee trying to wake up for my day.  More often then not, it takes a couple of cups to get me going enough to even want to leave my house.

I was able to put some work into my novel over the past 2 weeks, but in looking back, it doesn’t seem like all that much was done.  I suppose that comes from knowing how much more work is needed.  It was all just a drop in the bucket.  Hopefully, I can keep the momentum going.  I just need to figure out a way to think about and record ideas while I’m at work, so that I can use that when I get time.  Perhaps I need to carry a pocket notebook with me or something of that nature.

As for my plans this week, I have none.  On a week like this one, I tend to just “wing it” as I need to fit things into an “early to bed, early to rise” schedule.  I know most people work a daylight schedule and are able to still live their lives.  I, however, leave work so drained from the monotony of it all that I have little energy left to do much of anything.

Finally, I’m glad to see that so many people are following this blog.  It certainly gives me impetus to keep sharing my thoughts and other stuff with you all in a longer form then just what Twitter and Facebook can provide.  Lately, I tend to look at social networking as a wasteland of short, meaningless chatter, where sharing of ideas is constrained to only a few lines (or 140 characters as in the case of Twitter).  While this has it’s place in the grand stream of communication, I still feel that people should blog more.  It’s easy to say something very quickly, but it’s an important step to be able to articulate and idea for consumption.  I enjoy reading the blogs that a few of my friends write (Perfecting Imperfection, The Brays of a Lunatic, At the Heart of it All, Brown Eyed Baker, Diary of a Drunk Kid) and I wish more people would get the itch to write and stick with it.

OK, this is the end of this early morning post.  It’s time to get ready for work.  I hope you all have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Awake Too Early”

  1. Janene says:

    Aww ~ thanks, Lee!

    I think blogging is a great outlet for me. I wish I had the time to really write more and focus more on writing well – but right now it's what I do with the little ME time I have! I hope the week isn't too bad for you! Hang in there. Just out of curiosity ~ what kind of coffee do you drink? I'm pretty much good with whatever is on sale, but will splurge for some good stuff now and then.

    • @lcjs says:

      You're welcome. I just drink the Dunkin' Donuts coffee that you can buy at the grocery store in a little bag. It's not fancy, but it gets the job done and tastes pretty good. I like "coffee flavored" coffee, so anything fancy tasting isn't up my alley.

      • Janene says:

        Oh yeah – Dunkin' Donuts coffee ROCKS! Actually, Donut Connection doesn't have bad coffee either…and personally, I like their donuts better.

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