8 Days A Week

“Match me, scrape me, pack me, ship me… I ain’t got nuthin’ but work, babe… 8 days a week.  8 days a week… here at PGW…”

Yes, that’s what it feels like these days.  Well, not just feels like… it’s as close to that as it can possibly get.  I haven’t posted here in a good while because I’ve been so worn out and busy from work.  Sadly, most everything else in my life takes a back seat because that’s the only way to get myself together enough to put up with the next shift.  I’ve been sick often because of it.  I’ve had multiple short turnarounds (where you work a shift then come back out 8 hours later for another shift).  I’ve had to sleep, work, sleep just to keep going.  It’s all I do.

Most everybody at work is so fed up with this that nobody cares anymore.  Management says they understand, but actions speak louder than words.  They are writing tons of people up for missing too much work (including myself).  Frustration and apathy don’t even begin to describe how I feel.

I know that you should never really speak about work on a public website like this, especially if you’re speaking badly… but I just frankly don’t care anymore.  This is reality, so there is no hiding it or sugar-coating it.  This work schedule is so over the top that no human being should be subjected to it.  This isn’t the early 1900s anymore where people worked 22 hours a day for just half a cent.  This is 2010.

People are quitting faster than the company can replace them (after all, who wants to work 8-16 hour shifts for $10/hr, 7 days a week?) and who wants to stay in such a situation where there is no real future?  God, I wish I was self-employed.  Then I might actually get stuff done while living a reasonable semblance of a life.

So until I can find a way out with a new job, or give up, or are driven out… I have to keep doing what I do.  After all, PGW isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.


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