So Ends The Dream

This is what my face looks like, staring at another extremely long stretch of work days in a row.  Thirty-Three days to be exact.  Memorial Day weekend and the time off that it provided was quite a welcome respite, but it was merely a dream that quickly passed in the night.

The days went by so very fast.  I can only wish I had more time to not only get a bunch of things done that I need to do for myself, but to also take the time to enjoy my life and make it worth living.  A couple of days is just not enough.

So now, as I drag myself back to work, where I am unhappy and constantly anxious, where I am every single day, I must look back at this past weekend and sigh, as the dream that was time off is gone, and the resumed reality of constant mindless, meaningless work lies ahead.


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2 thoughts on “So Ends The Dream”

  1. Sam says:

    Dude nobody should have to work 33 days in a row. I mean, I'm glad that you HAVE a job and that you had a nice weekend and everything… but honestly Lee it seems like this job/life of yours is crushing your soul. Isn't there some other way?

    • lcjs says:

      im trying. for the time being, i have to stick it out and suffer through it. hopefully soon i will be able to find something better, as im not even making real money, which is sad for the number of hours i put it.

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