And I'm Spent

Well, I have some big news for you, my friends.  Earlier this week, I made a tough decision that I believe is the correct one.  I quit my job.

You have all heard me talk about this job.  You’ve heard about the constant 7-days-a-week schedule, the mind-numbing monotony of the tasks that need to be preformed.  You have also heard about how this job has effected my health.  Things came to a head over these past couple weeks and I simply could not continue to live as I was, if you want to call it living.

Sitting here, looking back at the past year I spent working there, I came to see how all I did was just work and sleep, work and sleep.  It wasn’t that the job was physically taxing, but mentally so.  When you preform the same exact task 1600 times in an 8 hour shift, and do that every single days of the week for weeks on end, it’s enough to drive a person insane.  This is a life I am not cut out for.  I need challenges and an ability to use my mind.  I need to think in order to function.  This job only required me to waste me time and my life for a pittance and no chance of advancment.

I’m going to be OK.  That doesn’t mean your thoughts, well-wishes and prayers aren’t welcome.  They most definitely are.  So, I now begin this new chapter in my life, feeling better then I have in quite awhile.  I look forward to you all coming along on my journey!


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4 thoughts on “And I'm Spent”

  1. jenn says:

    Good luck Lee! Any new job prospects?

  2. TheFlynn says:

    You're going to have a better Labor Day weekend than I am! Congrats Lee!

  3. megan t says:

    Lee… sorry im behind on the news but truly when I read this, I was happy for u. I know how stressful and tiresome this job has been on u and how even it has affected ur attitude. I was wondering when it was going to get to a head and u finally got to the point where u would quit. Tho I know its not a completely wise idea to quit w the low employment rate, I do feel that it was the right thing to do for u. I wish u all the best hun..

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