Bill Belichick: The Bum

So, the New England Patriots signed Albert Haynesworth and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson in this year’s free agency through trades. All of the sports news media is aglow with orgasmic tales of how Belichick is a master and the greatest coach of all time; the only one who could pull off such a coup.


The media treats this guy as if he were Obama; always intelligent and always correct.  He’s a calm individual who controls not only the Pats, but the NFL, the Economy and the Sun.  Now, seeing as how this really doesn’t deal with Pittsburgh, I’m not going to waste much time on it.

I would just like to point out to the sports media out there (tv, websites, blogs) how Haynesworth (go ahead and view the STATS) was an overweight headcase in Washington who was more trouble then he was worth.  That’s why the Pats got him on the cheap.  Remember why Haynesworth was a problem for the Skins?  It was because Haynesworth loves and succeced playing in a 4-3 defense, not a 3-4 as the Skins have.

Tell me, oh great Belichick:  What style of defense do your Pats play?

Oh, it’s a 3-4?

Good luck with that.

Now, Ochocinco… if that REALLY is his name…

“Ochocinco” hasn’t been an impact player in YEARS! (Again STATS)  Seeing him play the Steelers twice a year, hearing him say EVERY time that he would DESTROY Ike Taylor only to have Taylor shut him down… yeah, great player.

But, look on the bright side Bill.  You’re not just getting a player, you’re getting a player, a reporter, a spokesmen, a twitter-er, a horse racer, a racecar driver, a bullfighter and quite possibly one of the Wonder Twins!

Bill, even with “The Golden Boy” Tom Brady, you haven’t won a Super Bowl since SpyGate occurred… I think THAT sums up all that I need to say.


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