Tea Party = Terrorists (According to the Mainstream Media)

Frankly, this really pisses me off.  I mean REALLY pisses me off.

It’s not enough for the media to be shills for Obama and the Democrats, but now they have taken to calling people who believe in a balanced budget and less government spending “Terrorists.”

This is the same far-left, mainstream media that will not say “Islamic” next to the word “terrorist,” even if that person professed to be one!

Here are just a few examples of the trash spweing from the media and their allies:

Chris Matthews

New York Times

Barack Hussein Obama

Steny Hoyer

New York Times

Washington Post

Joe Biden

Chris Matthews



Paul O’Neill

Hank Johnson

Basically, the left believes that if you repeat a lie often enough, perhaps it will stick.

Dear God, I HATE these people.


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