The Concussion Era


I’ve heard some “chirping” from Philadelphia fans because Sidney Crosby is out again with “concussion-like” symptoms.  They, predictably, say that he’s D.O.N.E.  Their wishful thinking has been mildly echoed by some in the media, who ask if this is what we can expect from Crosby going forward in his career.  “Will he be sitting out often?”  “Will he retire?”  “If Crosby becomes a 50-game a year player, what happens when his next contract comes around?”  Regardless of outside speculation, Crosby is lucky to have changed the conversation (or started it) when it comes to concussions.

The difference between Crosby and past concussed players like Eric Lindros and Pat Lafontaine is that players aren’t playing with them as before.  The same number of concussions happened in the past, but players would say, “I just have a headache after a few hits” and play with them, or teammates would say, “man up and play.”  Had Lindros played in this climate, he would have sat out and probably had a long career.  Instead, he got concussions on top of concussions, which made him googly-eyed like Troy Aikman.

Claude Giroux of the Flyers is now out indefinitely with a concussion, just like Chris Pronger of the same with the same.  It’s a good thing Crosby changed the landscape, otherwise they might be D.O.N.E.  Instead, they’ll be back and will be better off for taking the time off.

Hearing Crosby’s recent comments, that this is nothing like what it was back in January and he’s just being cautious, will not end the speculation.  However, I certainly will take his word over that of Flyers fans who moronically chant “Crosby sucks!” as he torches their team time and again.  Wishful thinking, boys, does not make it so.


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