Welcome to the New Website

After much internal debate and deliberation, I’ve decided to get a new web address and revamp this website.  Database problems were causing some headaches for me, so now seems as good a time as any to change things up.

I wanted a web address that I knew was going to stick with me.  Since this website is filled with my own personal ramblings and things I want to share, it seemed only natural to just use my name.  After all, in 50 years, it will still be relevant to me.  Plus, the previous name, “Three Rivers Philosophizer” was a bit long and not exactly easy for anyone to type or remember.

There will be more tweaks in the coming days, but generally everything is set up.  Feel free to comment on posts, logging in using Facebook, Twitter or other services for ease of use.  Subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified when something is posted.  Share posts with your favorite social network.

I welcome you to this new address and I look forward to conversing with you in the comments section!

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