North Carolina Becomes Number 30

Editors Note: I know I will catch flack for this because I don’t support gay marriage, and the issue is contentious.  However, if you take the time to actually think about what is being said, you’ll realize that I’m on the side of giving gay people rights under the law, and I actually propose a solution that I believe would work well for everyone.

Yesterday, North Carolina voted to amend their constitution to ban gay marriage, becoming the 30th state to have some type of ban in place.  Even though 29 other states have something in place to the same effect, North Carolina has become a whipping boy for anyone who does not support the vote.

“Rednecks.” “Inbreeds.” “Hicks.”

Democrats (the left in general) profess to be tolerant and a party of the people. The word itself, Democrat, comes from the word Democracy, meaning:

“A government by the people; especially : rule of the majority” – Merriam Webster.

How then is it a problem for them when a majority of the people vote for a certain option?  They were quite happy when some states voted to allow gay marriage. Oh, that’s right, it’s only legitimate and agreeable if the majority votes the way leftists want them to.  Tolerance only exists if your point of view aligns with theirs.

Now, I know what is soon to come.  I can see the issue of slavery being brought up as a defense of this point of view. “A majority of people would have voted to keep slavery in place! This is the same thing!”  Actually, no. Slavery was outlawed after the Civil War by a majority point of view over a minority, at the barrell of a gun no less.  The Jim Crow laws were used as an issue under the cloak of “state’s rights” and were supported by a majority in certain places.  This is also not a good comparison, as blacks were forced into being second class citizens in all aspects of their lives and it was rightfully ended.  Gay marriage, and marriage in general, is a personal choice.  Nobody can be forced into marriage (well, except for maybe Muslims, but that’s another issue) and not being married does not hinder you being able to live life.  Yes, there are perks to being married, but nowhere does it say that marriage is a right granted to all by the government.  If it was a “right,” then the government would be forced to provide us all with spouses.

At the same time leftists demand government recognition of gay marriage, they also demand that the government stay separate from religion.  “Separation of church and state” (which they believe exists) is a key issue.  “Freedom from religion” is a phrase I hear frequently.  Of course, neither of those phrases exist in the Constitution.  That goes against our system of laws. , as killing and stealing a wrong because our moral compass is guided by basic religious principles.

The way I see it, there are two options to avoid being a hypocrite:

Either you support gay marriage, declaring that you believe the government has a role in religion and there is no separation of church and state, or you oppose gay marriage, believing that marriage is an institution that should be left to religions because government and religious institutions should be separate.

Incredible how that works, isn’t it?

The solution is simple: Civil Unions.  Most people have a problem with forcing a religious institution into honoring secular principles, (example: mandated contraception and abortive drugs) as “marriage” means what it means: a union between a man and women under the eyes of God.  By removing “marriage” from government and granting everyone “civil unions” regardless of the backing of a religious institution, there is no longer an issue.  The same rights would be provided by the government to same and opposite sex couples, while religious institutions could still marry men with women under the eyes of God as God intended.  So as long as “gay marriage” isn’t called “marriage” (because it literally isn’t), there would be NO problem.

So, before you go bashing North Carolina, make sure you know what you are talking about and are “tolerant” of the beliefs of others.


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