Nation Building

We are not really building anything.

Look at the Muslim World.  These terrorist attacks, riots, protests and unrest are a direct result of our aid to those countries.  These people bite the hand that feeds them and yet demand more from us.  It’s past time to pull all aid from countries that turn a blind eye to violence happening on their streets or even go so far as to aid and abet those people.

Pakistan is first and foremost in my mind.  Where was Osama bin Laden hiding?  Pakistan.  Where is the Taliban now that we’ve run them out of Afghanistan?  Pakistan.  Where is it that they criticize us for protecting THEM while placing restrictions on US?  Pakistan.  It’s high time we cut off the billions of dollars in aid we give them and just do what we need to do to see these terrorists eradicated.  As recent events have shown, we are not doing enough to protect Americans abroad (or even at home).

What country was under a dictatorial rule that we helped overturn, freeing people to elect their own government?  Libya.  What country has just seen it’s people engage in a coordinated terrorist attack that killed an American Ambassador?  Libya.  It’s high time we remove our people and our aid until they get their act together.

What country was under the rule of a dictator that we supported because he kept the Muslim radicals in check, but stood by and did nothing while he was overthrown?  Egypt.  What country is currently turning a blind eye to riots and protests in the streets against the U.S. while it’s our aid that helps them live?  Egypt.

Our ONLY friends over in that region are Israel and Saudi Arabia (and I don’t fully trust the latter as they could be eventually overthrown as well).  We help Libya and do nothing in Syria.  We help overthrow dictators but do nothing in Iran.  This piecemeal approach has to go.

We need to back our friends in Israel, as they ARE our good friends.

At the very least, we need to remove our aid to these savages… and yes, they are savage.  Depicting Mohammed does NOT equal beheading people.

Let’s take those billions of dollars and invest it back in America, helping to slow our growing national debt.  Save that money, or use it to pay back debts.  If it must be spent, invest it in schools, or roads and bridges.  At least make it worth something to us other than continued bloodshed by peoples who have no idea about civilized behavior.

We are a light of the world, a beacon for freedom, but we are not a knight who rides to the rescue of those who don’t want to be saved.  Remove our aid.  Let them see what life is like without America’s generosity paying their way.


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