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I’ve seen a bunch of new movies lately, so I figured I’d share some quick thoughts:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was everything the prequels were not – good! Basically, take the things George Lucas sites as bad about the movie and know THAT is why the film was great. Lucas comes off as incredibly bitter finding fault in the very things he ignored in his epic failure of the prequels.

Disney and J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job by simply giving fans what they wanted – proof that Star Wars is awesome without trade disputes, shallow characters, and dialogue seeming written by a ten year old.

The H8ful Eight was an enjoyable disappointment. Quentin Tarantino delivered his trademark style but as the story lacks any sympathetic characters, it doesn’t work as well as it should.

If Reservoir Dogs was about “honor among thieves,” then this film was about lack of honor. That said, Kurt Russell was awesome.

The Martian was spectacular. I’m not a fan of…



…but he really did a fantastic job. The story itself was engaging and the science seemed sound, so it felt very believable as something that could happen in our lifetimes.

SPECTRE was disappointing. As a stand alone Bond film, it was ok. Not great but not bad.

As a finale for the Daniel Crag story arc, it felt forced. Craig’s performance felt phoned in, and as his recent comments about the franchise showed, he’s heart was just no longer in it.

It’s alright though, as Skyfall is hard to top. Skyfall > Casino Royale > SPECTRE > Quantum of Solace

8945061_108782568530Concussion was quite good, despite all the scenes of guys looking into microscopes. Will Smith’s accent was minimally distracting, as was the portrayals of Mike Webster and Cyril Wecht. The were haunting, due to knowing more about them as a Pittsburgher that the average movie-goer.

The epic failure was in choosing Luke Wilson to portray Roger Goodell – though the reference to the movie Idiocracy are fitting.

Creed was decent, as Rocky movies go.

The Ridiculous 6 was terrible, even by Adam Sandler standards; while Hotel Transylvania 2 was good – even by Adam Sandler standards.

The Revenant was outstanding, even if it often tried a tad too hard. DiCaprio and Hardy both put in terrific performances, but the movie itself seemed preoccupied with itself – for the sake of itself. Is it an Oscar worthy performance for DiCaprio? Yes.

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