Democratic Socialism is Still Socialism

While it’s obvious to anyone with eyes that Hillary Clinton is a proven habitual liar and Donald Trump is a simpleton with a PR firm, it makes me incredibly sad that seeming intelligent people need to throw aside the lessons of history and economics in order to justify their love of Socialism… on a national scale.

“National Socialism sounds like a great idea! I wonder if it was ever tried…” – The American Left

Putting “democratic” in front of something doesn’t make it moral. For example: “Democratic Slavery.” Socialism is Socialism, and calling it “democratic” merely identifies the means through which the government subjugates us. Sadly, it is the most ignorant of us – the young – who routinely fall victim to the lie of “free;” as if enough wealth existed to quell the ravenous greed of redistributors.

There are those who actually believe that they are entitled to what YOU have because, “It’s not really yours.”

That rumbling sound you hear is the greatest generation rolling over in their graves. I’m sorry, John and Arnie – the America you fought for that has been on life support after years of Bush and Obama, is about to be put down in a mercy killing by Sanders/Clinton/Trump.

Don’t believe me? Well, I hope you enjoy bread lines; as they are apparently a good thing according to our friendly neighborhood thief:


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