Media Defend Their Failed “Joe Knew” Echo Chamber Narrative

For a guy who has been proven beyond any shadow of doubt that he did exactly what he was supposed to do, the hits keep on coming for deceased Joe Paterno. The media’s “Joe Knew” bots are at it again.

Now that PSU has finally decided to get their act together and honor their demonstrability honorable coach, those who bought (and sold) the their pig-shit stories about Paterno are sticking to their guns.

The best part of the Paterno hate I’m seeing from those in the media – is that their anger is coming from ignorance. It’s pitiable but understandable, as they have only been reading each other’s headlines. That echo chamber has kept them from learning that those original narratives have been shattered and exposed for the hype-driven lies they were. So I understand those in the media who made money off that hype being upset at getting caught in a lie. I understand trying to keep the narrative of “Joe Knew” alive.

The narrative began to crumble when the NCAA restored all of JoePa’s 111 vacated wins. You’ll see through my previous coverage there and HERE that no amount of evidence is good enough for the “Joe Knew” cultists. This has turned those clamoring to “remember the victims” into the abusers. They don’t even see it and that, too, is pitiable.

From the start, I’ve been all about the evidence and would follow it down whichever rabbit hole it took me. The evidence has led 100% in one direction. Not 60%. Not 95%.

It’s totally clear and undeniable.

Yet the “deniers” remain, and their ignorance is breathtaking:

Even the kids AT PSU don’t get it:

It is indeed time to move on, and you kids at the Collegian could learn a valuable lesson about actual journalism from it.

You could be learning the lesson of how and WHY media malpractice happened during this case (which has seen no trial for anyone but Sandusky – and even THAT stands contested). You could learn the lesson of the importance of properly defining history on a basis of facts, not “moving on” from them. You could learn that a consensus doesn’t equate to fact.

  • That Sandusky’s trial was so botched that he’s probably going to get a new one.
  • That the most serious charges have been dropped against Graham Spanier, Gary Schultz and Tim Curley.
  • That just because someone claims something doesn’t make it a fact.

So many lessons to learn from this, yet many in the media are seemingly deaf due to the sound of their own echo.

It’s pitiable, and looks to continue for the foreseeable future.


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