Kingdom of Loathing

I figured I’d take the time to talk a little bit about one of my passions… playing Kingdom of Loathing. It’s a free, text-based, online game that mocks pop culture and is funny as hell. Everyday, you get 40 adventures which you use to do any number of things. You fight against monsters the likes of the Apathetic Lizard Man, Cobb’s Knob Harem Girls, The Spam Which and Booze Giants. You can collect and create from scratch equipment like Hippopotamus Pants, A Dripping Meat Sword and an Asbestos Helmet Turtle.

There are MANY ways of getting more adventures per day, but the best way is by eating food (that you prepare from scratch) and drinking booze (that you also can make… just don’t get too drunk, or you won’t be able to adventure until the game rolls over at midnight) You can also buy anyting you may need in the Mall of Loathing… just make sure you bring some meat (that’s the money of the realm)!

There is an incredible level of deatil in this game, like how there are 3 moons that orbit the kingdom, and depending on their phases, the amount of stats you receive from beating monsters will change over time.

Give the game a try for a few weeks and see if you get hooked as well. You can only get so many adventures a day, so there is no way to waste you life playing… but this game is often used as a way to kill time at work. If you do sign up, make sure to message me in game and I’ll send you food and booze to get you started and I’ll also answer any questions you may have. My name is LCJS and I’ll hopefully be seeing you in the Kingdom of Loathing!


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