Back to School

Well, today was the first episode in yet another fun filled year of the ongoing sitcom, Lee in college, Season 8.  You all remember seasons 1-4, where Lee got into all types of mischief up in State College, PA and blew off all of his classes… all of the time.   He joined a fraternity and partied hard, enjoying every minute.

Then, in season five, Lee in College “jumped the shark” by having Lee leave PSU and return to Pittsburgh.   That season, as well as Season 6, was still a fun show to watch, with frequent cameos from his former cast members at Tau Epsilon Phi.   It had the highs of his friend Virg’s wedding and the lows of when Lee was stricken with illness.

Then, fearing a loss of viewership and a future that consisted of episodes of shitty jobs forever on re-run, returned to it’s roots by having the main character enroll at PSU New Ken.   Now in Season 8, Lee in College hopes to continue it’s Dean’s List performance, Oscar-nominated writing and sound effects as well as wring a few more laughs out of it’s remaining season and a half.  Check your local listings… only on FOX!

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