History Lessons

In a recent poll in CNN.com, an online news site that boasts a generally liberal readership, 51% of respondents believed that the new Democratic congress would be less partisan than the former congress. This is not at all surprising. Liberals tend to live in an idealistic world that has little basis in the study of history.

Now that their party is in charge, everything will be O.K. How little they pay attention to history. It doesn’t matter who controls congress, the controlling party will have it’s way and be judged accordingly. If the new congress takes a hard line, they will be accused of not being able to work with Republicans, the president will veto bills and nothing will get done . If they try to cross the isle and work with Republicans, they will be accused of straying from the message they used to get elected in the first place. It’s always been this way.

I’ve heard a lot of liberals rant about how the government doesn’t work when one party is in power. This was one of the major reasons that the Republicans lost the mid-term elections. The funny part will come if a Democrat is elected president in the next election. Then we’ll see how many of those same liberals feel that the government won’t work. Once their party is totally in power, they will feel that everything will work smoothly. I leave you with this quote:

“The most radical revolutionary will become a conservative the day after the revolution.” – Hannah Arendt


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