Make Yourself at Home…

…but keep your feet off the furniture! Welcome to The Monocle, the new political blog that I’ve created for my ENGL 420 class. This is the perfect opportunity to expound on the craziness that I see in the world. In the past, I would have included political discussion in my main blog, but separating this out from the rest of my thoughts seems best.

And now, you are probably asking yourself why I named this blog, The Monocle? When wearing a monocle, one eye is crystal clear while the other is blurry. This is often how I feel about political debate in this country. One side makes sense to me, while the other doesn’t. Unlike a lot of students today, I try to pay close attention to things that are going on in the world. These events and issues, no matter how remote they may be, have the ability to affect our lives. I hope to convey to you information and facts that I’ve gathered from the muddled liberal media and share tidbits of truth amongst a sea of truthiness (thank you Stephen Colbert).

I know that most of you are probably liberal, and that’s to be expected. That is why I relish the opportunity to share my point of view and debate issues with you. I won’t always be correct, but I’ll always be right!

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