Season 9 of the College Years

Well, this series began back in the fall of 1998, when I started my college career at PSU, University Park.  Now, I’m looking down one more year of classes until i graduate. I may even be using this blog for one of my classes, so keep and eye out for updates that seem out of place from my usual banter… those posts will have a purpose.

Novel Watch: The working title is Cadonian Lore (which will likely serve as some sort of sub title) I’ve completed drafts of Chapter I – Waking the Dead, a pre-story called The Battle of Haragoth, an introduction (which needs work) and I’ve made good progress on Chapter II – The Battle of Cawdor. The novel will come in 3 books, which have not been titled yet. I will update this blog from time to time with progress reports. I think that sharing this information with you will help keep me on track.

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