Dreary Day

Today was just all round depressing for me. From the moment I awoke, I was snapping at people. It was dreary and rainy, as it will be all this week. There was nothing good on TV. I tried playing my Tiger Woods golf game but nothing was going right. I tried to work on my book, but my state of mind was counterproductive. I was ridiculously bored, so much so that I fell asleep watching TV.

Now, it’s nighttime, and not much has changed. There is nothing I have to do and nothing I want to do. The mood of this day has just seeped into me and I’m almost to the point of just wanting to sit here and be left alone. I’m hoping that when I wake up in the morning, I will have shaken all the bad vibes that I wallowed in the day before.

I just need to look on the bright side: School will start soon and then I’ll actually have something to complain about.

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