One Down, Two To Go

Only two more days of dealing with the NYC commute! I waited at the bus stop this morning for 45 minutes before seeing a single bus. That’s because some idiots were driving too stupidly on the route to the Lincoln Tunnel and had themselves a little accident… a gruesome little accident. They had to shut down the bus lane to get the paramedics and police through lanes upon lanes of congested traffic. Unluckily, I got into work a half hour late. Luckily, the group I work for were all more late than I was.

Give up all this, this lifestyle?! The hell you say…

I’m ready to move back to somewhere that lives life at a little slower pace. In NYC, I’m surrounded by morons. In Pittsburgh, I have my own moron army that does my bidding. You see how “da Burgh” is preferable?

I look forward to seeing wall-to-wall Steelers coverage again. I’m sick of all this Jets/Giants crap. Those stupid, little, inferior teams… As I have now seen with my own eyes, Pittsburgh fans are everywhere. Every once in a while, I’ll see someone walking down the street with a Chad Johnson or Vince Young (Haven’t seen a Mike Vick one yet… ha!), but I see someone wearing Pittsburgh gear at least once a week. There are 5 Steelers fans that work on my floor alone! I get a kick out of them getting a kick outta my tattoo.

At any rate, I’m sure tomorrow will be another exciting day in the Seinfeld episode that is my life in NYC.

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