Weird Journalism

Usually, I get to write occasional stories about bands. Today, I got to take a huge leap into the “weird.” For our “Did You Hear?” section of the VH1 prep, I got to look for a “strange” news story, and then write something up about it. Here is the story I delivered:

According to Reuters, A 59 year old German woman had been suffering almost her entire life from headaches and nosebleeds. A trip to the doctor’s office informed her that she had almost an entire pencil stuck inside her head. The woman had surgery to remove 3 inches of the pencil from her brain, but the tip had grown so firmly in place that it was impossible to remove. She believes that when she was four years old, she fell down, causing the pencil to lodge itself in her brain. The woman was quoted as saying, “The pencil went right through my skin and disappeared into my head!”

Somehow, it makes my days seem brighter knowing that I’m not quite as stupid as this person. I hope that it was a No 2 pencil, as the soft lead would have softened the blow.

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