Chapter 5 – In Progress

I’m currently writing chapter 5 of my novel. It is currently titled “The Legendary Oris,” but I’m betting that after it’s complete, the focus will fall on something else. This chapter marks the beginning of the journey that the lead character embarks on, as the first 4 chapters basically set up the world and the events leading to the reasons that Julian of Berdain (the main character) must make his journey.

I’ve also completed an appendix chapter about how the Oris stone was created. It doesn’t fit into the time line of the novel, so it’s best left in the back of the book. When this first book of the three that will make up the novel is completed, I’ll include the appendix chapters so that anyone who wants to begin reading the story can get a full world view.

I’m hoping to have this chapter completed within the next two days. I have not hit any writer’s block yet (knock on wood) so I intend to continue plugging away at it for as long as possible. I have two friends reading the first 4 chapters with expectations that they will be a pair of fresh eyes and can pick up inconsistencies that I have missed. It’s sometimes hard, when the story is in your head, to make sure that it’s described well enough on the page for other people to read. Hopefully, in a month or two, the first book will be complete and ready to be read. Until then, as always, I’ll keep you posted.

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