New Beginnings? Bah!

The holidays are over… finally. While they were fun, they took their toll. I’ve been emotionally and physically drained by the last couple of weeks. This time of year always gets me down to some degree, and this year, while better than most, still effected me. Season of magic my ass! Ha!

My New Years Eve started off kinda shitty, as everyone I know had their own plans and functions. Hell, there was even a wedding! Who gets married on New Year’s Eve?! Crazy people, that’s who! Anyways, I ended up just going out to my bar, because if I’m going to be alone, I might as well be around other people. After sitting there for a hour or so, I got a text from my friend Julie, saying that a few people were partying at another bar just down the road. So, I hopped in the car and was off. I’m so glad that offer came, and Jules proved to be a true friend. It was quite funny when the ball didn’t drop… probably making it still 2007. In the end, this year will probably end up like any other year, but you never know.

The next few days will be a little exciting for me again, as I continue to make up for the lost social time I was in school. I’ll be hanging out with Julie tomorrow while we watch a movie. She’s never seen the movie Dune, and wanted to check it out, so that’s what we will watch. Saturday, I will be watching the Steelers / Jag-offs playoff game. My beloved team is injured pretty bad, with key positions out for the year. I still have hope… but it’s probably just my tattoo talking.

The biggest news is that I have a date this Friday… at least I hope so. I met a girl last week out at the bar while I was waiting for a couple of my TEP brothers to show up so that we could watch a bunch of sports on the barroom TVs. This girl, Erica, sits right beside me and I strike up a conversation. After talking for a good portion of the night, I got her number before she left. Knowing that she was busy for the last few days, I gave he a call this afternoon to see if she still wanted to do something like we had discussed. She does, but she is quite busy this week.

She is taking her Board exam on Friday to try and become a registered nurse. It’s something like 280 questions over 6 hours. If she passes, she can make $20 an hour. If she fails it, she remains an assistant and get only like $8 an hour. My concern is that if she fails, she is not going to want to see me… so I’ll just have to hope for the best (seeing as how it’s so important because it effects me and my conceited ass 😉 ) I just want to get to know her a better because she seemed like a very nice person and I know so very little about her. In essence, I’m optimistic, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

There are a couple people that I’m interested in right now, but they are either new, getting over a relationship or are out of reach. While I don’t have a job and a “real” life yet, I know I’m ready for a relationship. I’ve been looking for love for a long time and I’ve yet to find it. I keep hearing that things always happen for a reason, and maybe that’s true, but I’m ready for some good luck in love to find me. I need a meaningful relationship, not only for me, but because I know I have some wonderful things to offer to someone if only I can find a girl who is willing to take a chance on me.

I’m just going to keep on enjoying my time off, as I’m sure this month is going to go by SO fast. I’ve been playing a lot of NHL 08 and Tiger Woods 08 on my Xbox 360, but I’m hoping to start seriously working on my novel at the beginning of next week. If I can get a couple of chapters written during this time off, I’ll be very pleased with myself.

“Some have been thought brave because they were afraid to run away.” – Thomas Fuller

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