Drunk Situations

Well, I’m drunk. It’s a wonderful things as I’ve been sick this whole week. It was certainly nice to get out of the house and feel like a member of humanity once again. I’m hoping to hang out with some friends this weekend and starting next week, “get my job search on!”

Once I get a job, I’ll spend a month or two living at home. This is at the suggestion of my parents so that I build up a “nest egg” that will sever me will in time of emergency. It’s a smart idea! After that, I’ll begin to look for an apartment. I may have a roommate, or maybe not (depending on if she plans on moving out of her current place or if she likes it too much). That is, if I can find a job in Pittsburgh. I always assume things aren’t looking good and frankly… things don’t look good. My buddy Evan looked up the website of the radio stations that I want to apply to and those sites have said that they are looking for part time employees… not good. Perhaps Philly may end up being the best option after all.

I don’t know what I feel about any of this. I want to stay in Pittsburgh. I have friends, family and people I’m interested in here. I’m also drawn to Philly, as I have friends and a certain someone whom I’m very interested in out there. Either way, I’m going to be upset and disappointed. I can’t help that, as I have to find a full time job.

If I leave, I’ll miss my Steelers and Pens coverage. I’m going to have to get some type of cable channel that provided news from home… otherwise, I’ll find a bell tower and start shooting people! 🙂

Anyway, we will see what happens. Place your best ladies and gentlemen. Find out what Lee is going to do with the rest of his life! Perhaps he may end up a hobo on the beach… we could all be so lucky!

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One thought on “Drunk Situations”

  1. chelley325 says:

    Hey there, I found this link on your MySpace page…If you move you should invest in a Slingbox – that's how we catch all of the Steelers games out here in Ohio 🙂 The quality isn't the best, but our digital cable doesn't offer any NFL packages yet!

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