The Weekend That Was

My weekend getaway in State College was tons of fun… at least until I got a terrible case of the flu on Saturday which kinda ruined the last half of my weekend. Perhaps I should begin at the beginning.

I went up on Thursday in order to beat an ice storm that would hit Friday morning. I’m very glad that I did because we ended up getting an inch to two inches of ice. It was quite crazy and miserable to walk around in as the streets and sidewalks became lakes an rivers of slushy water.

I went out to the Brewery that night with one other alumni that arrived a day early and a couple undergrads. It was a good time and I got fairly drunk, but in my mind the best was yet to come. On Friday evening, when the rest of the alumni arrived, we began our evening at the Darkhorse Tavern and then we went to Bar Blue. One of my friends, who shall remain nameless, got exceptionally loaded (you know who you are!) and stole stuff from the bar and ended up passing out earlier than the rest, leaving his dog to defend him.

This is where my weekend took a sour turn, as I woke up sick on Saturday afternoon. At first, I figured that I was just hungover, but as time passed, I kept feeling worse and worse. I stayed sober, but I still hung out and chatted with friends. I played a bunch of foosball and played pretty well.

That night, I went with everybody else and played Broomball at the Iceoplex. That was a good time as well, even if I did feel terrible. If you’ve never played the game, it’s basically just like hockey, except you wear your normal clothes, use a stick with a fat end that resembles a broom and a ball instead of a puck. It’s basically an all-out brawl with lots of hitting, falling down and fun injuries!

On Sunday, I drove back home. It sure is no fun to drive that distance when you’re running a fever. I fell asleep after Tom Petty did a great halftime show and I didn’t wake up until minutes after the game was over. It wasn’t until around 5PM today that my 101 degree fever finally broke, but I still feel quite sick.

I’ve finished my resume and I’ll be starting my job hunt as soon as I start feeling better. After all, nobody is going to hire a big snotball!

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