General Update

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, but I haven’t had much to post about and what little I did have, I didn’t feel like writing about. Frankly, I’m still in that position, as not much has changed recently, but there are a couple of newsworthy notes.

The most major news is that I’ve decided to quit smoking. I have about 7 cigarettes left in my pack and then it’s the end. I’m worried about how I will fare, how I will react and how it will make me act. After all, I’ve smoked for the last 11 years! It’s not going to be easy, so if I’m short or cross with you, just remember what I’m going through.

Secondly, I’ve begun walking almost every day (weather pending) in order to get in better shape. Along with making a few changes to my diet, I’m hoping that this added exercise will help me drop a couple of pounds. It’s something that I would definitely like to do.

Tomorrow, I am going on a visit to WTAE-TV, the ABC affiliate here in Pittsburgh. They don’t have any position open right now, but they want to show me around and meet some of the department heads. It’s a pretty good opportunity just to meet people in the midst of this barren wasteland I call the job market.

Overall, things are going good and I’m generally happy. I’ll have more to talk about soon, as I break down what it’s like to go though serious nicotine withdrawal.

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