Novel Update

I’ve finished the first draft of Chapter 3 – The Three Pints Tavern. It has been sent out to be read by my friend, who acts as a second pair of eyes, in case I make major errors with the story. After all, it’s difficult to keep everything straight in my head, no matter how many notes I take. As time goes on, I hope to add more and more chapters to the “edited” pile so that eventually I can share a more completed work with my friends and you. Once I get a chapter to a point that I feel it is complete and publishable, I’ll post them on my website for you all to read. Someday, I hope to publish my book for real, but as you are my friends and will buy a copy anyway, a free read will be in order!

I’m about 4 pages into writing Chapter 4 – Trials of the Daeroq. I’m really excited about things, as I’m finally getting into the “meat” of the story. I’m thinking that for this first book, I’ve got about 4-5 more chapters to go, but I’ll get a better idea when I sketch them out soon (I’ve only sketched up to this point so far, so it’s time for some more.)

I’ve also got another friend who is going to help me design a better map and possibly even do some illustrations for the book. I’ve always had the need and want for someone who could draw, as I am not gifted in that area. Well, things are looking bright for the book, and that makes me quite pleased with myself.

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