I Hate Comedy Central

I rarely post twice in a day, but allow me to rail again the abuse of power that both YouTube and Comedy Central impose.

I linked to a South Park video yesterday that had been up or the last 5 months.  It was a remix created by a YouTube user that used South Park vocals and video to sing a techno song.  It was a parody and is considered legal under copyright law, but YouTube took the video down under pressure from Comedy Central (forgive me if I think that it was the popularly of my site is why they had the video taken down).  Weird Al gets sued but he wins every time!  Have a backbone YouTube!  Just because Comedy Central says you need to take a video down doesn’t mean you have to!

Using my cosmic internet skillz, I’ve downloaded this video.  Once I’m able to figure out a way to include that video in my blog, I will, just to thumb my nose at the very people that gain profit by the viewing of the video – and they will because I show the video.  Don’t they understand that the more people that view South Park, the more people will watch the show?

So, for those hosebags, I thumb my nose at you like Saddam Hussien did to the U.N.  In the meantime, I used the MySpace version of the video in that post (the post before this).  Check it out as it’s funny, as all South Park is.

Parody is LEGAL!!!!

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5 thoughts on “I Hate Comedy Central”

  1. Art says:

    I love the term Hoseheads.

  2. lcjs says:

    It's "hosebags," actually.

  3. Christopher says:

    Damn you!! Stop linking to great videos on YouTube… we don't want them to pull more of them. By showcasing them here, you are definitely alerting Viacom to the fact that they exist.

  4. lcjs says:

    Well, this isn't exactly a popular blog (at least not yet), so I doubt that anyone over at Viacom is reading. Also, I've been taking the videos and uploading them on my own YouTube account under gibberish names (so they are not searchable) so that they are less likely to be taken down.

  5. lcjs says:

    It should also be noted that if asked, I will take the videos down. My anger comes from the fact that they don't understand that ANY publicity for their products is good publicity. Especially in the case of the "Buddy Guy Remix," where it is clearly parody. But, how can anyone actually defend their rights against such a large corporation with unlimited funds at their disposal?

    The point of this blog is to share fun things that I find with my friend and allow me a place to share my thoughts and opinions – along with provide information to the owners of the fantasy football league that I run. Anyone else who reads this is more than welcome to, but I'm writing for a select audience, and mostly for myself.

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