The Green Movement is Killing Polar Bears

If you can’t take the heat…

Oh those poor, poor polar bears.  They are dying off because the ice sheets are melting and everyone is certain that global warming is to blame.  Leftist activists everywhere are on the march in order to save these wonderful beasts.  They cut down trees to make posters and pass out fliers.  They burn fossil fuels to arrive at protest marches.  They use electricity to operate their loud speakers and broadcast their rock band protest songs.  All the carbon dioxide they spew in an effort to stop the spewing of CO2 makes me laugh.

I’m not here to win any popularity contests and I’m not here to stop people from trying to save the polar bears.  What I am here to do is point out a few interesting thoughts about all of this.  First off, I will say that I would love drive around in a car that can be powered by hydrogen and emits water as a byproduct.  It would certainly be cheaper and better for America than importing oil from overseas or having to drill for it here.  Water = plentiful.  Oil = not so much.  However, until the time comes when hydrogen can be made cheaply, I’m all for drilling anywhere that can be drilled, whether that be ANWAR or just off the coast of Florida or California.  Frankly, I have no doubt that climate change is taking place, what I do doubt is that we are causing it.  Hell, CO2 is plant food, and the winters are just as cold and long as ever.

Whether we believe that man is causing climate change or not… it doesn’t matter.  There is no fix… not even a “green” one.  It takes electricity to make hydrogen – lots of it.  That comes from power plants, most of which burn fossil fuels.  A smart person would say, “Hey, let’s build nuclear power plants.  They produce clean energy!”  Nope, the green movement won’t allow that because of the danger they pose by melting down and the toxic waste they generate.  “OK, how about hydrodynamic power?  No emissions there!”  Not so fast, smart guy.  Those dams disrupt the migrations of poor little fish, who can’t reach their spawning grounds with 700 million tons of concrete in their way.  “Alright then, how about solar power or wind power?”  That would work, if we devoted enormous tracts of land to their deployment, as they generate a small amount of power for the amount of space they take up, let alone whether it’s cloudy out or a windy day.  “Well, let’s build those wind turbines out in the ocean.  There is always a breeze there.”  Sadly, nobody wants to look out at the sunset and have giant windmills blocking their view, not to mention the danger they post to marine wildlife.

Sadly, it’s the green movement and the left that is doing everything in their power to keep us using oil as our standard fuel.  They want us to stop using oil, but don’t allow us to use any feasible and reasonable alternative!  THEY are the ones killing the polar bears, not an upstanding conservative like myself who sees the profit in cornering the market on a new, clean fuel that will attract planet conscious people who are tired of sending their hard earned money to Saudi royalty.  The free market will save the world if allowed to pursue an oil alternative.  Big business would jump at the chance to provide a service that is in high demand… as cheaper fuel is today.

And for those sad, dying polar bears… oh well.  Ho hum.  Darwin’s theory predicted that species will fight to survive, and those that cannot will perish.  It is the nature of the world.  Who do the liberals think they are by playing GOD and saving a species that is clearly marked for extinction because it is incapable of change?  It’s like social welfare for woodland creatures – help those that because they cannot help themselves should be eliminated by evolution.  Notice that nobody is trying to save the vultures – who are also on the endangered species list.  I guess that nobody wants to save the UGLY animals.  There are no activists for them!

We, like the polar bears, are in a fight for survival.  Without fuel, our societies crumble and we return to a state of anarchy.  So ask yourself, is it the polar bears and the salmon and the creatures of the earth that you should be fighting for… or for yourselves?


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One thought on “The Green Movement is Killing Polar Bears”

  1. Christopher says:

    I love that sign!

    I think it's time that leftists and rightists work together to promote an industry that would, through some serious R&D efforts, create an inexpensive solar energy collector.

    In the meantime, we will need to remain addicted to oil until we are able to ween ourselves off of it (hopefully in the next 20-30 years).

    From my understanding, the oil companies currently hold leases to 60+ million acres of land that they have as of yet decided not to drill on.

    I say "shit or get off the pot". Drill those acres first… then we'll consider giving them more areas to drill.

    If oil companies don't want to drill there, then that would be 60+ million acres we could cover with solar panels and/or wind farms.

    One way or another, that land should be used to our nation's advantage rather than sitting idle.

    The problem America faces right now is its inability to compromise. No one is going to get their own way. We've succeeded in the past because we've been able to come together and work toward a common goal. For the past 40 years, we've become more and more divided and now there seems to be no way to meet in the middle. This will lead to our demise if we don't start playing nice with each other.

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