Bush Actually Won the 2000 Election – Quit Whining

There is a long standing delusion by the most radical members of the American left that if Al Gore had “just kept fighting,” he would have won the Florida recount, and in doing so, won the election.  This fallacy has been revisited recently by the HBO “faction” – taking fact and making it fiction – movie called “Recount.”

This ties into the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment, reinforcing the right of people to bear arms.  I’ve heard many on the left (who somehow believe that all of the articles in the Bill of Rights are personal, EXCEPT for the Second Amendment, which is communal.  They say that the amendment actually gives the military or states the right to keep guns, not people.  There have even been calls for a repeal the Second Amendment.

This onslaught has brought about accusations that the Supreme Court is far to the right.  If the court is that far to the right, why did they just decide to overturn a Texas ruling that removed the ability to put a child molester to death.  The court stated that “The death penalty is only to be used in cases that deal with murder.”  Even the LA Times says that the Supreme Court is balanced.

This brings me to the 2000 election.  Remember how there were claims that the Supreme Court was far to the right then and they awarded the election to Bush for political reasons?  Well, that’s been debunked.  Even the New York Times, the largest liberal rag in the country, exonerated them.

NY Times – A comprehensive review of the uncounted Florida ballots from last year’s presidential election reveals that George W. Bush would have won even if the United States Supreme Court had allowed the statewide manual recount of the votes that the Florida Supreme Court had ordered to go forward.

Contrary to what many partisans of former Vice President Al Gore have charged, the United States Supreme Court did not award an election to Mr. Bush that otherwise would have been won by Mr. Gore. A close examination of the ballots found that Mr. Bush would have retained a slender margin over Mr. Gore if the Florida court’s order to recount more than 43,000 ballots had not been reversed by the United States Supreme Court.

If we can rule out the Supreme Court from being politically biased, then what would have happened if they had kept counting?  As it turns out… nothing would have changed!  In a study conducted by liberal newspapers just after the election, they found that Bush actually would have won the election had they continued to count the votes.  The front page of the USA Today ran this story.

USA Today – George W. Bush would have won a hand count of Florida’s disputed ballots if the standard advocated by Al Gore had been used, the first full study of the ballots reveals. Bush would have won by 1,665 votes — more than triple his official 537-vote margin — if every dimple, hanging chad and mark on the ballots had been counted as votes, a USA TODAY/Miami Herald/Knight Ridder study shows. The study is the first comprehensive review of the 61,195 “undervote” ballots that were at the center of Florida’s disputed presidential election.

So, now all those people who whine and cry and say that Gore won the 2000 election can cram it, because it’s just not true, no matter how much they want it to be.  Even this movie, “Recount,” that tries to rewrite history, can’t be taken seriously.  When the liberal media actually announces something that supports a conservative, we should take notice, as it doesn’t happen very often.

(Links taken from NewsBusters.org)


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