Can a Mom of Five be VP?

This was the question that was asked on CNN iReports.  I will retort, “Can a father of five be VP?  Or even President?”  Where is this sexism coming from?  The left, of course!  I laughed when NOW (National Organization of Women) came out against Palin, saying that she doesn’t support “women’s issues.”  I suppose that the only issues that women support is the right they have been granted to kill a child.  I’ve even read a quote from a letter to the editor in the NYT that stated that “the Republican party spent 30 years making policy on women’s bodies.”  Reality, of course, is the other way around, as murder has been on the books since this country has been founded while the Democrats have legislated their way around it.  Forget the economy or national security, women on the left only care about their reproductive “rights.”

Would a man as a candidate be subject to such a claim; that they can’t be a candidate for higher office because they have a large family?  Palin was a governer, and her family didn’t get in the way.  Hell, if we’re talking about experience (which is something the Obama camp wants to bring up these days), Palin raising five kids is once again more experience then Obama raising his two!

Perhaps the Obama camp should try harder, but then again, the moonbats on the left out there won’t care… as they are totally blind to reality.


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