I Dreamed…

I awoke this past night from a nightmare.  I dreamed that while it was seemingly the present day, I was being held by Nazis.  At one point, myself and someone else who I did not know were lined up against a wall, facing the wall.  Then, a shot rang out and the person next to me dropped to the ground.  At that moment, I knew that I was going to die and braced myself for the inevitable.  Suddenly, I heard a click… the gun jammed.

A door opened to my right and a commander walked in.  He said, “What are you doing, he needs to be transferred!”  I was then told to go and get on a truck.  My belt was removed and wrapped around my wrist (seemingly for some type of identification purposes) and I left the room.  I looked back to see a group of huddled people left in the room as the door closed slowly.

hist13Up ahead was an old time military transport truck.  I hopped into the back, surrounded by different friends of mine, though I didn’t recognize them at the time.  The truck drove for seemingly a long time as day turned into night.  We then arrived inside a parking garage, again something out of the modern day.

We departed the truck and were led through what looked like in inside of some type of office building.  We were taken to what looked like a large classroom, already full of people sitting at desks.  We were told to take a seat and prepare ourselves for a test.  I roamed for a minute looking for somewhere to sit, preferably out the the way, hoping to not be noticed.  It was then that I noticed that the test was being administered by my old high school faculty!

I raised my hand and asked if I could use the bathroom, as I had not been able to go (being held captive and all) as well as if I could have some food since I hadn’t eaten anything but a Snickers bar (which I hate).  I was told no and that I must focus on the test… or else!

Once the test was in my hand, I saw that it was a standardized test.  I then realized that I did not have a No. 2 pencil!  Fearing repercussions for my lack of proper equipment, I awoke from the dream and had a sudden urge to find a No. 2 pencil in my room.

Strange dream, to be sure, hence why I wanted to share it with you.  As to what any of it means, I’m not sure, but I’ll analyze it.  My night, however, wasn’t over yet.

191404278DzLonk_phI returned to sleep, only to dream again (I don’t remember as much about this second dream, so bear with me).  This time, I accompanied my parents on vacation to Atlantic City (though it looked nothing like the real Atlantic City, I knew that was where we were).  I wasn’t supposed to be there , but for some reason came along anyway, seemingly as an afterthought.  I was told where our room was, but I could not locate it.  The hotel inside looked more like the dorms I lived in up at Penn State.

I also noticed that one moment it was raining, and then next it wasn’t, only to start raining again.  The entire dream took place at nighttime.  There was a dog following me that was covered with sand, as though it was caked on him.  I kept trying to stay away from him, as I didn’t want to get sand all over me.

At that point, I turned a corner and was transferred to the TEP house up at Penn State.  Since this was an obvious incongruity, I awoke.

Well, I figured that since I remembered these dreams, I would share them so that you all could get a good chuckle at the oddness of it all.  Hopefully, tonight’s sleep will be less eventful!

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