Three Years Blogging

Today is the 3rd anniversary of when I started blogging.  On August 25, 2006, I started a little blog called Mad Ramblings of a Madman over on Blogger.  It was intended to just be a little something about me now and again, with no real sense of purpose (as if there is much of a sense of purpose now.)

Now, I hope you enjoy the fun stuff that I’ve found to share with you over the years.  While I wish I had the time to write more stuff personally, I’ll just have to settle for being able to keep doing what I’m doing until that time comes.

With so many options and ways to share information (Facebook, email, IM, etc…), I still like using this place, as it allows for a sense of permanence and an easier way to search through the history of updates.

Here is to more successful years ahead of being able to share with you interesting things to keep you coming back for more.

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