Well, I’ve certainly been busy lately, and it’s only getting more intense.  Currently, I’m still working 48hrs a week, and I’m taking on a couple other projects on the side.  I’m building a website for my fraternity ( so that we can share information with all alumni about the house, providing them with information about what is going on and how to donate.  This will be complete in the next few days.

Then, I’ll be creating a website for a friend of mine to showcase her home cleaning business.  I still need to have more discussions with her about some of the things she wants to include and share, but it should be fairly simple in the end.  Using WordPress to make websites is a fairly easy process.

If anyone else wants a website or blog created and hosted for them, I’m willing to help.  Since I already purchase a hosting service, I can add you to that service for a small yearly fee ($10 for a domain name and $20 towards covering a small portion of my hosting costs).  If you can afford $30 a year, I can probably help you out.  Just let me know.

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